When you’re moving down or shipping flexible cargo along the street or across the country, or just storage, choosing JIT Box as your moving equipment will make your experience better than it has ever been. Clients can pack at their own pace. On their own or your own time-table, but to your standards, then just leave the driving to someone else—and leave the troubles behind. JIT Box moving and carrying solution can help to make your move and shipping easier!

JIT Box Premium will equip very smart device-Blue Box to detect and send you data for pressure, temperature, humid, acceleration, and box opening times, opening location and so on.

Size: 2200*2550*2400


Why choose JIT Box?

• One solution for move, shipping and store
• Flexible cargo loading and unloading
• No need to load and unload multiple times
• Equipped with smart box to catch box situation for client to monitor their goods any time
• Storage when you’d like while you transition
• Take your time when loading and unloading
• No ramps for loading or unloading
• Professional, friendly, smart, and decent

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