Plastic collapsible Bulk Containers, with drop door, HDPE bulk box solves traditional Corrugated boxes problems such as leakage, shifting off the pallet, the containers are collapsible and stackable, It’s designed for a variety of industries especially automotive industry.

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Features & Benefits

• Reusable packaging provides cost saving versus one-time use packaging
• Comparatively heavy duty design — up to 750 lbs capacity, static stack of 3 containers, dynamic stack of 2 containers.
• Uses include temporary storage, work in process, incoming materials, shipments between plants and shipments to users
• Drop-door provides convenient access to contents, which improves ergonomics material handling
• Collapsible panels and drop door
• No splinters, nails and dust
• Safe stacking with or without optional lid
• Easy folding panels assemble and collapse
• Offers 3:1 return ratio
• Easy to repair and recyclable


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